Adding Code to Maps in Google Earth

In this lesson you will be adding a Voki or a series of Vokis to your Google Maps, in Google Earth.

Viewing in Google Earth

(You can download Google Earth for free at home if you parents agree to it. Click Here)

Your first job is to view your Google Map in Google Earth.

This will generate a KML file in your downloads window. Double click this file to open the map in Google Earth.

If the warning below comes up click on Open.


Adding a Place mark in Google Earth

Your next step is to add a place mark to the map into which you will embed your Voki Code. This place mark should go at the beginning of your tour.

If you create a place mark you do not want to keep. Simply right click on it in the places menu and delete it.


Copying and Pasting Code

Copy the code that you generated with your Voki,
Embed the code into you text box as shown in the video below.
If you need a reminder of how to do this click here.

Saving your finished Project.

Watch the video below.