For this project you will be creating a short video containing a rap song, which focuses on a global issue.


There are several steps in the process.

In groups of 2-3 students:
  1. Create the musical loop in GarageBand.
  2. Record your rap lyrics as part of the loop.
  3. Record video of objects and creatures talking.
  4. Use Telegami, CrazyTalk, Blabberize or Chatterpix to create talking videos from pictures.
  5. Record video of your group performing the rap.
  6. import your videos and loop into iMovie.
  7. Edit your video so that the video clips fit nicely with the rap loop.
  8. Export and share.

Here is a very simple example of the type of work you can do with this. By using your pets, pictures, video clips and any other objects or toys around the house that you can use as characters.

The Recycling Rap