El Salvador-Civic Month Activity

Cultural Activities

For this lesson you are to search out different cultural activities happening around El Salvador during the Civic Month.
You can search using Google for this, but also use the News link on the LRC Website, as Yensi has posted some information there for you.

Making a New Calendar

Your next job is to go to your Google Calendar .

Click on:
Screen_shot_2010-09-07_at_8.40.13_PM.pngand Screen_shot_2010-09-07_at_8.40.18_PM.png

Create a new calendar. Name it El Salvador Month, and add a description to it.

Adding Events

Now you are ready to add the events you have found to the calendar. Don't forget edit each one, carefully adding the correct time and a description. You can use the descriptions you have found on the web. Remember to add it to your El Salvador Month Calendar by using the drop down menu shown below.


Collaborating with a Partner

You may choose to pair up with another person in the class, create the calendar, share it with your partner and work on it together adding different events. This will speed up the process and give you some practice with collaborating on a calendar. Don't forget to allow them to make changes and share.


This is a timed activity and you need to find and add as many examples as you can before the end of the lesson.


You must have finished this work before next lesson. Your teacher will ask you to share some of your calendars so that they can be printed off for display around the school.