You will be creating a Google Site of your very own in this lesson and using it to collect together examples of work you do from now until graduation, as your Digital Portfolio.

First Log in to you abc-net email and click on Sites in the top left corner.

Click on Create New Site


Choose a name for your site.


Choose a theme that you like.


Finally click on Create Site.

Next click on Edit Page.

You will need to come up with an introduction to your digital portfolio. It should be a paragraph long and should discuss your school and hobby interests.
  • Begin with: Hello this is my digital portfolio, which I will use to collect together examples of my best work, goals, and reflections.
  • My hobbies are....
  • My school interests are ....
  • My goals are ......
  • My skills are....
You may copy (command c) the text above, paste (command v) it into your new site and fill in the missing information.
  • Please remember that this is a public website, so no real names, or personal information such as phone numbers, friend and family names, addresses etc.. are allowed.