In this lesson you will begin to personalise your new wiki.
If you have been approved for a Plus account and have not yet modified the colour scheme, you may be able to do so during this lesson.

Your first task is to create a talking avatar to introduce your digital portfolio.
If you are under 13 years old, you will not need a Voki account for this. Instead, go to the Voki site and click on create. Be aware that any unfinished work will not be saved.
If you are 13 or older, you have the option of creating an account at Voki, which will allow you to save your unfinished work.

Next you will see a screen similar to the one below, with a default character in it. You can choose a different character and edit it by using the Customize Your Character button.

Once you have found the look for your voki, click DONE. Notice that you can also use existing backgrounds as well as upload your own and choose player colours.


Next you will need to record, or type in the message you have prepared.

There are different ways to do this, but for this activity we will use one of the following.
1. Record it directly using the Voki website by clicking on the MICROPHONE option.

2 Type the message (or copy and paste your written introduction) into the text boxy by clicking on the TEXT option.


(For a refresher on creating and saving a recording using GarageBand1, GarageBand 2 and/or Audacity please click here.)

You can view your Voki by using the play button in the Voki player.

Once you are finished creating your Voki message, you will need to click on publish.



Click on the code and copy it.
(command c on a Mac and control c on a Windows machine)

Go back to your Site's Home Page and click on Edit.

Once in Edit, click on the HTML option.

It will look like this.


Next you will need to paste the code you copied (command c) at the end of the last line of HTML text.

It will look something like this.


If you have embedded Your voki correctly, your page will look like the one below.
Click Save.