The LRC Vios and Laptops are now running a cloud based operating system called Jolicloud. It is important that you understand this new system as well as know how to log on to the computers correctly.


A Brief Tutorial

Here is a brief overview of how you should log in and log off of our school computers which run Jolicloud, as well as some examples of how you can use Jolicloud here at school.

Logging On

When logging on to the Vios or laptops you must first log the machine on by using its machine number as the user and password.


Once you have done this you will see a page that looks like the one below.sign_up.png

You should not log in user your Facebook account. There are privacy issues that might allow others to use your Facebook account, if you do not log off correctly.
Instead click on sign up and create an account. It might be easiest to use your abc login and password to do so.
Once you account is created you will be able to log in to your Jolicloud account on any vio or laptop in the LRC.


Files and folders can be saved in your Jolicloud account, which can be emailed as attachments if they are small. A better alternative is to create an account at
**Dropbox** which allows you to upload, download and share your files online.

Search Jolicloud apps and download the Dropbox ap. You will need to download it to any other computer you plan on using as well.