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Apps of Concern
Please click here to access a list of apps that you child may be using and you need to be aware of.
Click here for an article in Spanish, on apps to watch out for.
Click here for a an article in English on learning more about what your children already know.

Social Media

Tracking and Targeting

Is Social Media and the web tracking and targeting your family? You might be surprised!
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Behavioural Tracking

Learn how to see who is following your online behaviour with Collusion Firefox Add On.
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Just how easy is it to track someone on the web?

Tracking Teresa
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Try this:

Search yourself, your family members using the sources below. If you can find an address, phone number or any other important personal pieces of information, then you have a online privacy issue.

  • Search yourself on Google, wink and pipl searches
  • Take the information that comes up and dig further, using the information that you found in more specific searches.
  • Plug the address in to Google Maps, can your home be identified online?

Online Safety
The internet is here to stay. It is a powerful tool. We can't just close our eyes to and pretend it will go away, nor would we want to.
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Not Everyone is Who they Say they are! Other Kids can be cruel.

Not Everyone is Who They Say They Are! Do You Really Know Who you are Chatting to?

Social Networking: Jigsaw Assembly Video

Facebook and Other Social Network Safety Settings

  • Know who your child's friends are.
  • Ensure their privacy settings are up to date.
  • Be aware that you might only have limited access to your child's profile, even if you are on their contact or friend list.
  • Ensure your child knows how to use the reporting options in this and other social network accounts.
  • More on Facebook Settings

Video: Everyone-Think Before You Post

Video: Protecting Reputations Online In Plain English

  • Once it is indexed by a search engine it may never go away, you have forfeited control of it.
  • It is not uncommon for universities and potential employers to check the social networks of applicants and deny applications based on the content of those social networks.

Video: Not Accepted

Video: Compromising Photos


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily, but not exclusively, between mobile phones.
As parents you must endeavor to establish and maintain good communication with your children, so that if they receive inappropriate photos, videos or text messages, or are being pressured to send or forward these messages, they are not afraid to come forth and discuss it with you.

Watch Megan's Story
Watch Your Photo FateThe Netsmartz Photo Fate Video in Spanish

Mobile devices: Cell phones and iTouches

  • Peer pressure to have one: Does you child really need to have one?
  • Maturity: Is you child mature enough to have one?
  • Devices example BB can get around firewalls (They have their own network.).
  • Pros and Cons:
    • Pros: educational benefits of cell phones when used correctly, video and image work, online response, back channels, gps, mobile computing.
    • Cons: distractions, inappropriate use: sexting, bullying, use in lesson without permission.

Families, striking a healthy balance.

As Parents, You are in Control

This is the same message we give the kids. You are in Control! As a parent, you set the rules, you draw the lines, you set the example.

It is not always easy, but there is a balance! As a parent you are often required to make difficult decisions that are meant to protect as well as educate your child. This is no different.

  • Require that computers are located centrally if possible. If placed in bedrooms ensure that the screen is visible from the doorway and the door is kept open.
  • Place a limit on the computer time your child has and ensure that everyone sticks to the rules.
  • Monitor your child's computer use in real time as well as through the browser's viewing history.
  • Monitor your child's online accounts with them logged in. Make this a regular activity.
  • Discuss computer use with your child(ren). Spend time learning about their online interests and activities. Make sure you cover accounts and online "friends".
  • Ensure that your child(ren) know(s) that they have the power to end any online experience that is uncomfortable or frightening, by logging off, clicking the back arrow or blocking that individual. They should be encouraged to tell a trustworthy adult about any such experience as soon as possible.
  • Establish an atmosphere of trust and understanding with your child, by not blaming him or her for uncomfortable online experiences.
  • Talk to your child(ren) about the differences between advertising, educational and entertaining content.
  • Set yourselves up as administrators on all home computers including your child's laptop.
  • Discuss responsible use of mobile phones including those with internet capabilities.
  • Investigate parental settings offered by your web browsers and operating systems as well as purchased applications.
  • Be Consistent and Don’t give in. As parents you are responsible for setting limits and not caving in to pressure. You are responsible for the health and safety of your children.

Additional Resources

ABCLRC's Internet Safety Week Resources
ABC Web Fluency Website-ABC lessons and resources
Net Lingo Dictionary
Google Family Safety
A Thin Line-Facts-Video Stories and more
ABC Parent's Handbook
Microsoft Internet Safety Brochure

Operating System Parental Controls

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Mac OSX (Mrs. Garcia's Tutorial in Spanish)
Apple iOS (ipad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Blackberry tips and apps(2012)
Blackberry(Activate Parental Controls)
Kindle Fire(2012)

Browser Parental Control Programs


Popular Parental Control Programs

If you choose to download a Parental Control Program, you will want to first browse the many applications and their features that are out there. We have added a listing below for you to search through. Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list and that these products have not been tested out at the ABC. You are responsible for reviewing products and ensuring that any applications you choose to download are safe. It is always a good idea to read forums related to products prior to making a decision on buying or download a product online.